Relax in the Finnish solid wood sauna


Discover the calming atmosphere of our Finnish solid wood sauna, a place of peace and relaxation, perfect for unwinding after an active day. Our sauna is not only a highlight for lovers of traditional sauna cultures, but also a retreat for all those who want to switch off and recharge their batteries in the midst of nature.

The use of our sauna is completely free of charge for our guests. However, in order to offer each guest a personalized and peaceful experience, we ask that you book in advance. Step into a world of relaxation where you can enjoy the soothing sensation of warmth in a textile-free zone, surrounded by the calming presence of natural wood elements and the silence of nature.

Salt stone wall for additional well-being

A salt stone wall that adds another dimension of well-being to the sauna experience. This natural wall of salt stones not only emits a warm, calming glow, but also helps to improve the air quality. You experience an atmosphere that enhances the positive effects of the sauna and provides an additional level of relaxation.

Next to our sauna you will find a cozy relaxation room that invites you to linger and relax. Here you can linger in peace and quiet after your sauna session, surrounded by a harmonious atmosphere. This area is complemented by a classic mosaic shower, which is not only a visual highlight, but also provides a refreshing cool-down after your sauna session. Experience a holistic sauna experience that appeals to body and soul in equal measure and ensures deep relaxation.


Health boost

Saunas offer numerous health benefits and are ideal for relaxing after a stressful day. A Finnish sauna offers a natural way to regenerate and invigorate. The warm, dry climate cleanses the body, improves circulation and promotes sweat production, which helps to detoxify. Regular sauna sessions relax the muscles, relieve stress symptoms and improve sleep. A sauna bath not only promotes physical health, but also brings peace and deep relaxation.

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Immune system

Strengthen the immune system

Taking a sauna, especially in a Finnish sauna, offers many health benefits. It is a natural way to regenerate and strengthen the body. The warm, dry climate of the sauna cleanses the body, improves circulation and promotes sweat production, which helps to detoxify. Regular visits to the sauna help to relax the muscles, alleviate stress symptoms and improve sleep quality. In addition to the physical benefits, a sauna bath also provides mental peace and deep relaxation.


For body and mind

The sauna is more than just a place to sweat; it is a key to relaxation and regeneration for body and mind. In its calm, warm environment, it promotes stress reduction and mental recovery, increases well-being and clarity of mind. Regular visits improve the quality of life and support the concept of "stay healthy - grow old" by contributing to relaxation and maintaining cheerfulness.
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Holistic experience

Our sauna experience goes beyond traditional heat treatments. We offer the option of combining a sauna with swimming in our indoor pool. This combination of exercise and relaxation in the "GRANDER"Water promotes inner peace and deep relaxation. Swimming after the sauna invigorates and stimulates blood circulation. Ideal for wellness camping in South Tyrol, our sauna is available three times a week (maximum twice a week). We are available for additional visits and individual requests. Discover how you can recharge your batteries and increase your well-being with us.

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